Michael Hershman

michael hershman is Group CEO of the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) - an independent and non-profit organization at the forefront of efforts to safeguard sport. He is Chairperson of IACA’s International Senior Advisory Board, and is an internationally recognized expert on matters relating to transparency, accountability, governance, litigation, and security. Mr. Hershman is Former President and CEO of the Fairfax Group and in 2006 was appointed Independent Compliance Advisor to the Board of Directors of Siemens AG, a company with over 400,000 employees. He served as Senior Staff Investigator for the Senate Watergate Committee and as Chief Investigator for a joint Presidential and Congressional Commission reviewing state and federal laws on wiretapping and electronic surveillance. He was a member of INTERPOL’s International Group of Experts on Corruption (IGEC), and sits on the Board of the International Anti-Corruption Conference Committee (IACC). In 1993, Mr. Hershman co-founded Transparency International with Peter Eigen.

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