Paul van Lange

Paul van lange is Professor in Social Psychology and Head of the Section of Social Psychology at the VU University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He was appointed distinguished research fellow at the University of Oxford, UK, and was awarded membership of the Royal Netherlands Society of Arts and Sciences. Most of Prof. van Lange’s publications address human cooperation and social dilemmas, including generosity, forgiveness, trust, and altruism, as well as retaliation and norm violation. He adopts an interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on psychology, evolution, and economic decision-making, and uses a variety of methodologies, including cognitive, affective, neurological, and behavioural measures. Prof. van Lange holds a PhD Degree from the University of Groningen. He has recently co-edited and published the book Corruption, Cheating and Concealment: The Roots of Dishonesty. Prof. van Lange lectured at IACA Summer Academy 2017.

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