Moisés Tonatiuh Villegas Campos

How many years have you been an alumnus/alumna?

I have been an alumnus for the past couple years; since September 2019.

What is your best memory of IACA?

I have a bunch of great memories, but the Regional Summer Academy in Brazil during 2019 was a once in a lifetime experience. I was excited to be surrounded by professionals: lecturers and other attendees speaking about different, interesting, and up to date topics adapted to many regional realities. The Latin-American chapter was really productive for me and my colleagues.

I felt comfortable sharing with professionals who hold a high regard for values and principles; particularly after working for the government during a disastrous six-year term in Mexico. This period has been considered one of the most corrupt terms in recent Mexican history. My disappointment with the situation has helped me restrengthen the idea that we are not alone in this fight, that integrity still matters, and that it is important to build a good reputation to improve our future generations.

If I have to choose a single memory, it would be the “you are not alone” feeling.

How has IACA influenced your career?

Attending world class events like the RSA in Brazil and the Special Training in Austria (both in 2019), has allowed me to obtain first-hand knowledge, ideas, experiences, and contacts to continue in the fundamental and important task of fighting corruption from any field.

I am currently working as the Public Policy and Legislative Harmonization Director for the National Commission of Human Rights in Mexico and being an alumnus of the IACA programmes has been extremely helpful, giving me new ideas for the Institution. It has even helped me stop a couple of public procurement processes (corruption involved) not only as a whistleblower but as an investigator.

Events of this magnitude have committed me to contribute to society in the defense of common interests, whether it is through the private initiative or the public sector.

What’s unforgettable at IACA? (most memorable)

Definitely the people (staff, lecturers & alumni community). They are kind, empathic, respectful, professional, brave, and determined against the anti-corruption fight, with a human rights perspective and ready to improve everyday through new technologies… Amazing people!

I could not say that there is just one thing that is most memorable, without mentioning the people. We share a common effort, vision, and idea that everyone’s participation in these matters is fundamental for the growth of every society.

What three words would you use to describe the alumni network?

Professionalism, determination, and kindness.

How many days have you spent in Laxenburg?

Seven days during the winter of 2019: A magical experience as well.

What message would you like to share with the IACA community including its staff and alumni?

Please KEEP ON! You are doing an amazing job. Your work resonates and impacts in all of our societies.

Stay strong and believe that your actions, knowledge and experiences, are helpful for other people in so many countries.

Thanks forever… Viva IACA!

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