Previous call of peer reviewers

The International Anti-Corruption Academy is seeking peer reviewers, on a voluntary and pro-bono basis, from its alumni community to assist in reviewing articles for the IACAlumni Magazine. This will raise the quality of our Magazine articles and involve the alumni more in the publication of the Magazine. The peer reviewers will:

  • Serve as primary content experts who determine scientific accurateness;
  • Provide suggestions to authors on how to improve the quality of their articles, and also identify any errors that need correcting before publication;
  • Ensure adherence to the IACA publishing guidelines;
  • Make publishing recommendations to the IACA Magazine team;
  • Provide the IACA Magazine team with ideas and suggestions for growing and promoting the Magazine;

In order to guarantee rigour and objectivity the peer review process will be a double-blind review process. The identity of author(s) and reviewer(s) will remain anonymous to each other throughout the process with the IACA Magazine team as the focal point for communication and coordination.

The peer reviewers will be engaged annually for a period of one year, to facilitate rotation of opportunities and new ideas. Altogether five reviewers will be selected from the alumni community based on their subject expertise, professional and regional representation, English language proficiency, individual reputation and availability throughout the one-year tenure. Upon successful completion of their tenure, peer reviewers will receive a special discount to attend the yearly alumni reunion in Laxenburg and a certificate of recognition from IACA. Peer reviewers also have the fantastic opportunity to work closely with the IACA team and to keep abreast with the latest in anti-corruption and compliance research, education and practice.

If you are interested, please submit by 31 July 2020 a short statement (no more than 3 paragraphs) describing your qualifications and area(s) of expertise along with your most updated CV and contact details to You may also contact us on the same email for any enquiries that you may have.

Only IACA Alumni are eligible to apply.

You may read our previous issues of the IACAlumni magazine from our website.

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