Tom Willems

Tom WILLEMS is a senior fraud and corruption investigator in the European Anti-Fraud Office of the European Union (OLAF) and liaison officer at the OLAF Bureau in Luxembourg. After having served in the Anti-Corruption and Internal Affairs departments of the Belgian Federal Police, he has been an investigator in the OLAF for over 15 years. He has conducted criminal and administrative fraud and corruption investigations in various fields and in cooperation with a vast array of national and international law enforcement and inspection services. He has been teaching and lecturing on interviewing techniques throughout his career, both to national and international organizations. He is a member of the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group and lecturer at the International Anti-Corruption Academy in Vienna. In his recently published book “Behaviorally Informed Interviewing” Mr. Willems presents what he believes to be an efficient approach to interviewing of white collars.

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